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About your Beauty Temp Agency

About Redcurrant

Redcurrant started alongside its already successful sister company RED in 2009. We started during the recession when salons and spas were desperate for flexible staff without the expense and commitment of permanent recruitment.
And so Redcurrant was born as the answer to these needs, offering quality, quantity and flexibility at a reasonable price.
As the demand grew, so did our team, increasing to 4 members of staff in just 3 years!
With 100’s of therapists a part of the Redcurant team we are able to help provide staff to the top spas and salons throughout the UK.

Why Choose Redcurrant

Our company mission is to exceed the expectations of both our clients and temps. We aim to attract the highest quality temp staff by offering excellent rates of pay; recognition of their hard work and effort; feedback and development to help them progress; and of course quality places of work at some of the top spas and salons in the country.  
We believe in having clear guidelines for our temps in terms of timekeeping; personal appearance and dress code; conduct at work and sickness procedures. By ensuring everyone clearly understands our expectations, we are able to increase the overall performance of our temp teams. The ideal feedback we aim for is that Redcurrant temps are of the same standard (or even higher) than the existing teams in the spas we service.
Our company values center around QUALITY ASSURANCE; EFFICIENCY AND RELIABILITY and we are committed to honoring these values in all aspects of our business.
Integrity is at the heart of our business and we aim to apply this to both candidates and clients alike.

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