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Temp Beauty and Spa Jobs
Temping is the best option for your lifestyle. It’s flexible; well paid, dynamic and the only career choice where you have complete control over your working hours. If you are looking for Beauty, Spa or Holistic jobs then Redcurrant can help you to find your perfect role.

‚ÄčTop Tips

1. The right attitude – although temping is flexible, it doesn’t mean it is easy.  To be a successful temp, you may have to work harder than everyone else to ensure you make a good impression and are invited back to work again.  If you have the right attitude and are determined to do your very best, this will help to ensure you receive positive feedback and potentially get requested to return to the spa.
2. Professional Conduct – as a temp, you are representing both yourself and Redcurrant.  We certainly expect you to be very professional when working at an assignment we have sent you to and would hope that you also expect this of yourself.  Professionalism includes time keeping; appearance; communication and conduct.  We will provide you with our Operational Standards when you register with us but if you are not clear or want to discuss any aspect of professionalism with us please ask.  It makes sense that anyone who arrives late to a booking, is rude or discourteous or is not well presented in a smart clean uniform with appropriate make up nails and hair, will not be asked to return.  It is definitely in your interest.
3. Work Ethic – It is easy in any work place to fall into the trap of becoming complacent and not trying very hard.  As a temp this is not an option as you are representing Redcurrant and also yourself.  With a good work ethic, you will always keep busy and either ask for things to do when it is quiet or use your initiative and find some cleaning or tidying to do.
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