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Terms & Conditions
Last updated May 2018
Please ensure you read and understand our full terms and conditions together with our privacy policy as together they detail your rights and responsibilities as a customer of Red or Redcurrant Jobs. Using our site means you agree to abide by our terms in their entirety.
If you do not agree to these terms or our privacy policy, you must not use our services.
Explanation of terms used:
‘RED’ refers to two sister companies 1) Recruitment Education Development Ltd which offers permanent recruitment services and 2) Redcurrant Jobs Ltd which offer temporary recruitment services.    
(1) Terms of use 
General Purpose
RED is designed for the use of individuals seeking either permanent or temporary jobs as well as career advice and support whilst seeking employment therein. It is also designed for the purpose of recruiters who are wishing to engage agency support to recruit personnel for their specific job roles in relation to the lawful operation of their business.  
Services provided to individuals is at no charge and therefore information or advice provided is done so on the basis of no liability to RED. In particular we accept no liability for any direct or indirect loss, profit or goodwill arising from use of our services.
(2) Candidates
(2.1) Candidate registration
(2.1.1) As a candidate you will be required to register on either Red or Redcurrant Jobs website and in doing so you agree to supply information which is complete, accurate and true at all times. You must also ensure that you have the right to any information you disclose regarding third parties, in particular trade secrets, intellectual property or other information, which is copyrighted.
(2.1.2) You will be provided with the opportunity to upload a CV to appear on your candidate profile. This profile will only be visible to employees of RED.  
(2.1.3) Your information may be shared with relevant employers in relation to specific job opportunities providing you have given your consent.  RED reserves the right to pursue references provided by you for the purpose of quality control.  
(2.1.4) In registering as a candidate you will have to set personal login details for your account. You agree to be responsible for keeping your login details secure and not to share your access with any third parties.
(2.1.5) If you apply to RED via a source other than the RED websites, such as via a job board, your details will be added to the candidate database and your consent for us to process your information will be sought.  We will not be able to offer you our services until we have received your explicit consent in this regard.
(2.2) Applications and offers of employment
(2.2.1) You acknowledge that when you apply to a job on RED, your profile and CV (if uploaded) and all personal information contained therein will be retained within our secure candidate database.  Your CV will be edited and personal contact information removed when submitting to an employer recruiting the role in question. As a decision relating to your suitability for the role will be dependent to some degree on the information you provide it is your responsibility to ensure the information you provide is up to-date and accurate. RED cannot be held responsible for any outcome relating to your application if inaccurate information is supplied.
(2.2.2) RED conduct a screening process on behalf of its clients to ensure a suitable degree of suitability prior to submission.  Where relevant, RED will trade test candidates to assess their skills and provide feedback.  RED is not responsible for the outcome of the process and the hiring decision and accepts no liability or responsibility therefore.
(2.2.3) Where an applicant accepts a contract of employment offered by a recruiting firm or company, RED accepts no liability or responsibility for the proper performance of either party or the terms of employment.
(2.3) Bulk Email
As a registered candidate, you will receive updates on the latest job vacancies in your area.  If you do not wish to receive this type of mail, please click on the unsubscribe button on the email or contact us on 01483 901 321 to request that you are removed from our bulk mailing list.  As these emails are sent as part of our service to assist you in your job search, we reserve the right to include you in these mailings unless you specifically request not to be.
3. Employers and Recruiters
(3.1) Registration
(3.1.1) As an employer, you will be required to complete a registration form which will be provided to you by a staff member of RED and in doing so you agree to supply information which is complete, accurate and true at all times. You must also ensure that you have the right to any information you disclose regarding third parties, in particular trade secrets, intellectual property or other information, which is copyright.
(3.2) Job Adverts
(3.2.1) RED will advertise job opportunities on behalf of its clients but will not name the company within the advert details.  RED will only recruit and advertise genuine vacancies for lawful positions within lawful companies.
(3.3) Candidate applications
(3.3.1) RED will always conduct screening and assessment of candidates prior to putting them forward for a vacancy but is in no way responsible for any inaccurate or misleading claims made by candidates in relation to an application to your job (s). You are responsible for checking the validity of academic and professional qualifications and any other claims made by candidates in response to your position (s). 
(3.3.2) RED will coordinate the recruitment process including arrangement of interviews, trade tests, sourcing candidate references and job offers. RED do not accept liability for any loss or damage, which may occur as a result of any candidate communication or conduct occurring along any part of the recruitment process, both pre and post employment.
(3.3.3) You will agree to deal in a professional and fair way with any individual who applies  to your job vacancy. RED reserves the right to cease working with any company where we feel candidates are not being dealt with in a fair way during the application process or after commencing employment with yourself. You also agree to indemnify RED against any claim arising as a result of breaches of this obligation.
(3.3.4) You agree to process the personal information of candidates provided to you as part of their job application in accordance with EU data protection laws and your obligations as set out in our privacy policy which forms part of our terms and conditions
(4) RED rights
(4.1) We reserve the right at all times to change in any way as we see fit the design, layout or content of the website in accordance with the needs of the business.
(4.2) We accept no liability for any loss, damage, profits or goodwill incurred through any material published on this website by any company doing so paid or otherwise.
(4.3) RED cannot guarantee continual operation of this website and will not be responsible for interruptions to this as a result of loss or breakdown in the supply of electric or telephonic systems or technical problems incurred by the server or website itself.
(4.4) Disclaimer RED accepts no responsibility or liability for any financial loss or damage, whether physical, pecuniary, economic or to goodwill experienced by any user of this web site whether as an individual user accessing information without charge or as an employer posting jobs or advertising or advertising information in line with the fee charged. This includes any loss or damages resulting in an inability to use the web site due to computer virus affecting the web site or server. The laws of England & Wales apply exclusively to this contract.
(5) Changes to Terms
We may make changes to these terms in the future. Every time you wish to use our site please check our terms and only proceed to use our services if you agree to abide by our terms. We will publish the date our terms were last updated at the top of the document.
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